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Thin Client Wyse 5070 - DTS - J4105 1.5GHz - 4GB RAM - 32GB Flash - UHD Graphics 600 - GigE - Win 10 IOT

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Dell Wyse 5070, 1,5 GHz, J4105, Intel® Celeron®, 2,5 GHz, 4 MB, 4 GB; Úvodní popis; Dell Wyse 5070. Takt procesoru: 1,5 GHz, Model procesoru: J4105, Typ procesoru: Intel® Celeron®. Vnitřní paměť: 4 GB, Typ vnitřní paměti: DDR4-SDRAM, …
Popis produktu

Dell Wyse 5070, 1,5 GHz, J4105, Intel® Celeron®, 2,5 GHz, 4 MB, 4 GB

Úvodní popis
Dell Wyse 5070. Takt procesoru: 1,5 GHz, Model procesoru: J4105, Typ procesoru: Intel® Celeron®. Vnitřní paměť: 4 GB, Typ vnitřní paměti: DDR4-SDRAM, Frekvence paměti: 2400 MHz. Celková kapacita úložiště: 32 GB, Ukládací médium: SSD. Model grafického adaptéru na kartě: Intel® UHD Graphics 600. Zvukový systém: ALC3253

Versatility on every level
A wide range of operating systems:
Stay covered with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Wyse ThinLinux or Dell's exclusive Wyse ThinOS: a highly secure malware-resistant firmware solution.

Easy to start. Easy to use: Get up and running fast with certified trouble-free deployment, no matter which broker environment you choose.

Ultimate configurability: Connect in all the ways you need to with our wide variety of mounting, display, wireless and wired connectivity options. Plus with expansion slots and forward-looking features, your setup easily addresses all your needs.

More use cases. More ROI.
With the widest range of vendors on the market, you can enjoy the most complete VDI support with certified VDI brokers like Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare.

Configure. Monitor. Manage.
Simple. Secure. Streamlined:
Dell’s exclusive Wyse Management Suite sets the industry standard for a powerful, secure and highly scalable solution for managing and optimizing endpoints.

One tool that does it all: Managing and tracking tens of thousands of secure endpoints has never been easier with a single, dedicated tool.

Highly flexible: The Wyse Management Suite is an efficient hybrid cloud management solution with floating license allocation between on premise and cloud.

Ultimate peace of mind
Safe and secure:
Enjoy peace of mind with the ultimate virtual OS for Malware and Intrusion resistance with Dell’s exclusive Wyse ThinOS.

Enhanced security: Keep apps and data-sensitive content safe with a secure data center and embedded protection.

Advanced protection: Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise offers advanced threat prevention thanks to proactive malware security and enterprise-wide encryption from the data center to the endpoints.

Unmatched flexibility. A single platform.
Fast and powerful

Improve your efficiency with the Intel Gemini Lake Celeron QC processor and 4GB DDR4 RAM option, or amp it up with the Intel Gemini Lake Pentium QC processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and discrete graphics in an extended form factor. Plus the USB 3.1 Type-C and dual-band wireless features help maximize your performance.

Eye-catching, intense visuals
With the power to see up to four 4K displays and two 2K displays at once, you can construct the ultimate setup option that best suits your content.

Compact and convenient
Take full advantage of robust expandability on the slim and sleek Wyse 5070 or add an even wider array of ports and slots on Wyse 5070 Extended.

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