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Zebra ZD220, Přímý tepelný, 203 x 203 DPI, 102 mm/s, 10,4 cm, EPL,EPL2,XML,ZPL,ZPL II, Černá; Úvodní popis; Zebra ZD220. Tisková technologie: Přímý tepelný, Maximální rozlišení: 203 x 203 DPI, Rychlost tisku: 102 mm/s. Barva: Černá, LED …
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Zebra ZD220, Přímý tepelný, 203 × 203 DPI, 102 mm/s, 10,4 cm, EPL,EPL2,XML,ZPL,Z­PL II, Černá

Úvodní popis
Zebra ZD220. Tisková technologie: Přímý tepelný, Maximální rozlišení: 203 × 203 DPI, Rychlost tisku: 102 mm/s. Barva: Černá, LED indikátory: Status. Vnitřní paměť: 128 MB, Paměť flash: 256 MB. Technologie propojení: Kabel. Maximální šířka štítku: 10,4 cm, Maximální délka štítku: 0,991 m, Maximální průměr role: 12,7 cm

Not all printers are created equally, especially basic models. To reduce costs, value printers are often constructed using less expensive components. Many fail to perform under more demanding duty cycles, create delays and downtime for repairs, and require replacement after only a few years of use. Instead of conserving budget, customers are left with greater expense and hassle.

Zebra does it differently. The ZD220 desktop printer gives you reliable operation and basic features at an affordable price—both at the point of purchase and across the entire lifecycle. Engineered with Zebra quality, it boasts a dual-wall construction for added durability. And, it is ENERGY STAR® qualified to reduce your operational expenses. Built to last for years, the ZD220 provides an outstanding return on your investment.

Basic Features for Simple Operation
This 4-inch printer produces labels quickly, up to 4” per second, to keep your workflows moving. Increased memory allows you to store more fonts and graphics. A single LED indicator and single button for feed/pause make it easy to operate and identify printer status. Choose from direct thermal or thermal transfer models, and add an optional factory-installed peeler. The ZD220 features a core set of Print DNA software applications, powered by Link-OS® Basic, to deliver a cost-effective and dependable print experience.

Backed by Zebra’s Worldwide Service and Support
Access support quickly anywhere around the globe through Zebra’s trusted network of more than 10,000 partners. Avoid costly repairs and downtime with an affordable service plan that’s tailored to the coverage you need for your desktop printer. Zebra’s OneCare SV provides the right level of service at the right price. It gives you two years of coverage for normal wear and tear, double the standard warranty coverage, priority turnaround times at the depot and more—all for a tiny fraction of the cost of a single repair.

Get Printing Quickly
The ZD220 is simple to install and begin printing – right out of the box. USB connectivity allows for universal interoperability. Easily replace legacy printers using ZPL, EPL or non-Zebra command languages. And, media changes are expedited with Zebra’s OpenACCESS™ clamshell design. It is ideal for use in transportation and logistics, light manufacturing, retail and healthcare applications to print a variety of tickets, tags, passes, labels and receipts.

Consistently Exceptional Zebra Certified Supplies
Printing supplies can impact everything from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why we design, produce and rigorously pretest our own line of thermal printing supplies to ensure consistent, optimized performance in your Zebra printer—and peace of mind for you. For industry-leading quality, service and thermal printing expertise, choose Zebra Certified Supplies.
The ZD220 gives you the quality and reliability you expect from Zebra. And, it helps you conserve costs now, and for years to come. Gain your competitive edge with Zebra.

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