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Sapphire GPRO 4200 Hnědá Box 4096MB,PCI-E,4xmini DP

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Popis produktu

Sapphire GPRO 4200 4G GDDR5 PCI-E QUAD MINI DP, 4 GB, GDDR5, 128 bit, 4096 × 2160 px, PCI Express 3.0

Úvodní popis
Sapphire GPRO 4200 4G GDDR5 PCI-E QUAD MINI DP. Rodina grafického procesoru: AMD. Paměť grafické karty: 4 GB, Typ paměti grafické karty: GDDR5, Paměťová sběrnice: 128 bit. Maximální rozlišení: 4096 × 2160 px. Verze DirectX: 12.0, Verze OpenGL: 4.3. Rozhraní: PCI Express 3.0

Low Power, Performance and Versatility
The GPRO 4200 has been designed as a powerful and versatile solution with a flexible low profile form-factor that is capable of driving up to 4 displays (with independent audio streams). It features Advanced Graphics Technology, 4GB GDDR5 High Speed memory, Two Ball-bearing Active Cooling and consumes less than 50W of power.

28 nm GCN (Graphic Core Next) Architecture
The new 28nm GCN Architecture with more efficient process technology puts more transistors in less space, enabling a dramatic increase in processing power and graphics performance.

Each compute unit can execute instructions from multiple kernels at once
Design for high-utilization, high-throughput, and multi-tasking
Dual geometry Engines for faster triangle (“primitive”) processing
First GPU family to fully support OpenCL 1.2 and DirectX 11

AMD Eyefinity 2.0 Multi-Monitor Technology
The next generation of AMD Eyefinity multi-monitor control technology is here, featuring all-new support for stereo 3D, universal bezel compensation and brand new display configurations.

AMD Eyefinity 2.0 enables:

Easy multi-display setup and customization
Virtually unlimited number of display devices
Stereo 3D-multi-display stereoscopic 3D support via DisplayPort 1.2
16K * 16K maximum display group resolution-output up to 268 megapixels per GPU

Full 30-bit Display Pipeline
With a full 30-bit display pipeline producing more than one billion colors (10-bit per RGB component). The GPRO series is ideally suited for applications that benefit from accurate color reproduction and superior visual quality.

Screw Secure Lock for miniDP
For a more secure display connection, the SAPPHIRE GPRO / GPRO E-series feature a screw secure lock. This ensures that the plug and graphics card are securely connected removing the risk of disconnection.

Quad HD display support (4K Support)
4K (4096×2160pixel) support for ultra-high-resolution display devices and advanced configurations through DisplayPort 1.2 (and up) and AMD Catalyst drivers ensures future-forward compatibility for advanced workflows.

Bezel Compensation
Stretch display resolutions to prevent bezel interference and image distortion when displaying a single large image across multiple displays.

Discrete Digital Multi-Point Audio(DDMA)
DisplayPort 1.2 simultanesously outputs multiple, independent audeo streams.

This state of the art power management technology provides direct control over GPU power usage. Applications enjoy ultimate performance with dynamic clock optimization, while minimizing workstation energy usage

AMD Zerocore Power Technology
AMD ZeroCore Power Technology is the AMD exclusive innovation. Up to 95% idle power reduction by shutting down GPU.

Multi-View Display
With a Dual Link DVI output and DisplayPort output, multi-view enables two 3D displays with independent display resolution, refresh rate, and display roataion settings

Low Power Consumption
AMD devotes products into the energy saving for the products to provide our customers with more energy-efficient products through product design, protecting our Earth together.

Low Profile Design
Enables flexible installation in a variety of computing systems, from small form factors to full-height systems.

Flexible Output Configurations
Support for DisplayPort, DVI and VGA allows IT to leverage existing display inventory.

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