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Sapphire AMD GPro 2200 2GB GDDR3 2x DP PCIe 2.0 x16 Low Profil (BrownBox)

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Sapphire GPRO 2200 2G DDR3 PCI-E DUAL DP, 2 GB, GDDR3, 64 bit, 4096 × 2160 px

Úvodní popis
Sapphire GPRO 2200 2G DDR3 PCI-E DUAL DP. Rodina grafického procesoru: AMD. Paměť grafické karty: 2 GB, Typ paměti grafické karty: GDDR3, Paměťová sběrnice: 64 bit. Maximální rozlišení: 4096 × 2160 px. Verze DirectX: 11.1, Verze OpenGL: 4.1

GPRO 2200 Passively Cooled Design For Commercial Spaces
The GPRO 2200 is a specially designed graphics solution for the commercial and embedded spaces. GPRO 2200 has been designed to meet industrial standard requirements. Its impressive low power (under 30W at max), passively cooled design delivers exceptional stability and reliability, and its small size enables easy integration into small form factor chassis.

40nm Process Technology
AMD is first to bring to market in the form of the new 40nm processor on the graphic card, It takes more performance and better energy efficiency, and deliver advanced gaming and HD multimedia technologies for the desktop gamers.

AMD Eyefinity 2.0 Multi-Monitor Technology
AMD Eyefinity technology maximises your field of view across up to 6 displays*, fully engaging your peripheral vision. For professionals this puts you right in the software and for other applications it helps to increase productivity by maximising your visual workspace so that you can see more windows simultaneously. AMD Eyefinity technology is also ideal for multimedia applications as it allows you to keep several „palettes“ or „panels“ open over a larger workspace whist you edit your images or videos.

Full 30-bit Display Pipeline
With a full 30-bit display pipeline producing more than one billion colors (10-bit per RGB component). The GPRO series is ideally suited for applications that benefit from accurate color reproduction and superior visual quality.

Bezel Compensation
Stretch display resolutions to prevent bezel interference and image distortion when displaying a single large image across multiple displays.

Low Power Consumption
AMD devotes products into the energy saving for the products to provide our customers with more energy-efficient products through product design, protecting our Earth together.

Low Profile Design
Enables flexible installation in a variety of computing systems, from small form factors to full-height systems.

Flexible Output Configurations

Support for DisplayPort, DVI and VGA allows IT to leverage existing display inventory.

- Financial services
- Transportation
- Digital signage
- Healthcare
- Public safety
- Education
- Hospitality
- Government

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