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Hama 83056 vysokorychlostní HDMI™-Kabel HDMI A

AB Kód: 1450262

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Záruka: 24 měsíců (IČO: 12 měsíců)
Popis produktu

Hama 00083056, 1,5 m, HDMI Typ A (standardní), HDMI Typ A (standardní), 4096 × 2160 px, 18 Gbit/s, Černá

Úvodní popis
Hama 00083056. Délka kabelu: 1,5 m, Konektor 1: HDMI Typ A (standardní), Pohlaví konektoru 1: Samec, Konektor 2: HDMI Typ A (standardní), Pohlaví konektoru 2: Samec, Povrchová úprava konektoru: Zlato, Maximální rozlišení: 4096 × 2160 px, Rychlost přenosu dat: 18 Gbit/s, Barva: Černá

This high speed HDMI™ cable has been developed to provide you with perfect, high-resolution full HD quality. The high quality of this 5-star cable gives you the feeling of being in the midst of it all when watching a film: full metal plug, ferrite core, woven jacket, gold-plated contacts.

- Integrated channel for transmitting network data with up to 100 Mbit/s
- 3D transmission due to extended bandwidth
- Return of the audio signal without additional audio cable (ODT, RCA etc.)
- Full metal plug for best shielding
- Ferrite core for decimating remaining interference and for good signal transmission
- Elegant and flexible woven jacket for additional kink protection
- HDMI™ cable for perfect, high-resolution ultra HD cinema quality 4096×2160 (4K) pixels

Outstanding Entertainment in Your Very Own Living Room
Whether LED, LCD or Plasma, no home entertainment experience is enjoyable without good quality picture and sound. Without these a game or a film can be all but ruined, becoming dull and unrealistic. However, many are misled into buying new TVs or entertainment devices in an attempt to improve quality and do not realise that basic accessories such as connection cables could have an equally important influence.

With Hama’s HDMI High Speed Gold Plated Pro Class Cable with Ethernet you can enjoy uninterrupted high-resolution, full HD quality (4096 × 2160 pixels), by connecting digital audio/video sources such as DVD players, games consoles and laptops to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors and televisions. Boosting both picture sharpness and audio clarity and with added network functionality thanks to an integrated 100MB/s Ethernet channel, the HDMI cable introduces you to a whole new world of home entertainment by allowing you to stream videos to your TV from the net, watch DVDs, play games and more, all with highly vivid sights and sounds that will suck you right into the middle of the action.

Quality Matters!
The quality of your HDMI cable couldn’t be more important, with a clear improvement in the picture and audio produced from a Hama HDMI High Speed Cable to that which is produced by a budget cable. By investing more in a high quality cable you can achieve a signal that is closer the optimal video and sound signal and eliminate errors such as the uncertainty in pixel transition that can occur when data is received through a cheap cable and can, for example, cause a pixel that is transitioning from white to black to show as grey for several seconds, hence leading to a deterioration in both contrast and sharpness.

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