GOCLEVER Quantum3 500 LTE, Dual SIM, šedá (FQ3500)

kód produktu: ABE943191
GOCLEVER Quantum3 500 LTE, Dual SIM, šedá (FQ3500)
  • GOCLEVER Quantum3 500 LTE, Dual SIM, šedá (FQ3500)
  • GOCLEVER Quantum3 500 LTE, Dual SIM, šedá (FQ3500)
  • GOCLEVER Quantum3 500 LTE, Dual SIM, šedá (FQ3500)
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Part No.FQ3500
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Popis produktu:

QUANTUM 3 500 - The world of entertainment and multimedia is at your hand

QUANTUM 3 500 - The world of entertainment and multimedia is at your hand

New smartphone combines modern design, comfort of use and high quality of sound and image. Convenient, 5 inch HD screen with resolution 1280 x 720 pix, made in IPS technology provides ideal projection of colours and wide viewing angles. Larger screen proves useful when browsing websites, writing text messages or e-mails.

Fast as lightning

Fast as lightning

QUANTUM 3 500 supports fast data transmission in 4G LTE. Users fully appreciate the benefits arising from high-speed mobile data exchange, regardless of their whereabouts. LTE Internet considerably increases life comfort, ensuring several times faster data transmission. Now you will load any website you want in a blink of an eye, you will download and upload files of any kind without any problems, you will play without interruptions in the most requiring games or conduct conversation with your friends on Skype. You can enjoy quality of the mobile Internet in the standard of home WiFi. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with Dual SIM slot, which enables you to have two telephone numbers, two various telecommunication operators and two different tariffs.

Travel endlessly

Travel endlessly

The smartphone and navigation in one! GPS receiver will change QUANTUM 3 500 into a navigation device with convenient and legible navigational application HERE Maps. It works quickly and smoothly, which will allow you to reach your destination easily. After registration, you may download any map of Poland or Europe which will enable you to choose the optimal route for the planned journey.

4-core strong processor

4-core strong processor

Inside QUANTUM 3 500 beats quad-core processor MediaTek 6735 which makes advanced technology more available. It is supported by 1 GB RAM memory and has integrated modem 4G LTE as well as 8 GB ROM memory with a possibility of further extension up to 32 GB (microSD card), which provides for comfortable use of the latest multimedia and fast connection when surfing on the Internet. The smartphone is prepared for multitasking and work on many applications at the same time.

Remember this moment forever

Remember this moment forever

With rear camera 8.0 Mpix and front 2.0 Mpix camera you will shoot incredible pictures. Now you can catch all ground-breaking moments and present them in a great style.

Android 5.1 Lolipop

Android 5.1 Lolipop

The latest, sweet look at Android and definitely giant leap forward as compared to the previous versions of the system. Introduced improvements relate to, among others, general appearance and battery life. Android 5.1 is fast, efficient and, at the same time, simple and intuitive to use. It will prove its perfection both in work and games. This makes the device ideally matching user needs.

Over a million apps in one place

Over a million apps in one place

The Google Play world features 1.7 million of other applications that will make your daily work, study or leisure a pleasure. Google calendar equals saving of time and fully-used day. You will never forget about important ceremonies, birthdays of your relatives or anniversaries. Weather application will always remind you whether it is worth taking an umbrella or rather sunglasses, in gallery you will display your photographs, and on YouTube you will watch funny movies and interesting reviews. Music fans will be delighted with built-in FM radio.

Shapely Trendsetter

Shapely Trendsetter

A first glance is enough to fell in love with QUANTUM 3 500 due to its nice appearance. Well-designed case in combination with metallic robust finishing forms extraordinary appearance in line with the latest trends. Trendy design of this model is based on connection of two elegant colours: black and dark grey.

Technická specifikace:

Displej: IPS HD 5“, rozlišení 1280 x 720 pix.
Procesor: MTK 6735, čtyřjádrový 1.3 GHz
OS: Android™ 5.1
Paměť: RAM 1 GB, interní 8 GB, externí micro SD až 32 GB
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Sítě: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz, LTE pásmo 1/3/7/20
Dual SIM: Ano (2G, 3G/4G)
Bluetooth 4.0
Konektory: micro USB, 3,5 mm jack
Fotoaparát: zadní 8 Mpix, přední 2 Mpix
Senzory: G senzor, senzor okolního světla, senzor přiblížení
GPS: Ano
FM rádio: Ano
Baterie: 2400 mAh
Rozměry: 144 x 72,4 x 8,9 mm
Hmotnost: 155 g




Produkt manažer:

Martin Růžička, 499 599 802, martin.ruzicka@ab-com.cz





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