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Garmin GTM 70 Digital Traffic Receiver

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Garmin GTM 70™ Digital Traffic Receiver; Keep moving with access to Garmin Digital Traffic – It’s FAST, ACCURATE, and FREE1. FAST Real-time traffic alerts thanks to continuous updates on the super-fast digital network; ACCURATE Pinpoint…
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Garmin GTM 70™ Digital Traffic Receiver

Keep moving with access to Garmin Digital Traffic – It’s FAST, ACCURATE, and FREE1.

FAST Real-time traffic alerts thanks to continuous updates on the super-fast digital network

ACCURATE Pinpoint accuracy for traffic incidents; precise delay times; reliable ETAs; alternative routes only when necessary and appropriate

FREE Lifetime Digital Traffic is a free lifetime subscription

Digital Traffic has a greater coverage area to include motorways and secondary roads. Digital Traffic has the capacity to receive significantly more traffic messages. That valuable information can help you decide whether to stay the course or find another route.

On the compatible nüvi, traffic alerts appear to the side of your map, so your driving map remains onscreen. Garmin Traffic can give details about the situation, such as how many minutes of delay to expect and if there are any possible detours. You will be kept informed of traffic developments ahead, so you can be confident you are on the best route.

1FREE lifetime traffic updates may not be transferred to another person or another Garmin product. Lifetime traffic extends for the useful life of your Garmin traffic receiver (as long as you own a compatible Garmin GPS) or as long as Garmin receives traffic data from its traffic supplier, whichever is shorter. A traffic receiver’s “useful life” means the period during which the receiver (a) has the required technical capabilities to utilize current traffic data service and (b) is capable of operating as intended without major repairs. Traffic content not available for all areas.

Suitable for:

dezl 570LMT, dezl 760LMT, fleet 660, fleet 670, nüvi 2407, nüvi 2447, nüvi 2457LMT, nüvi 2497LMT, nüvi 2507, nüvi 2547LMT, nüvi 2557LMT, nüvi 2559LM, nüvi 2567LMT, nüvi 2569LMT-D, nüvi 2577LT, nüvi 2589LM, nüvi 2597LMT, nüvi 2599, nüvi 2659LM, nüvi 2699LMT-D, nüvi 2797LMT, nüvi 2799LMT-D, nüvi 3597LMT, nüvi 3598, nüviCam, Camper 760LMT-D, DezlCam LMT-D, DriveSmart 50, DriveSmart 60, DriveSmart 70

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