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Einhell Power-X-Change 18V 5,2Ah Aku

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Einhell 4511437, Baterie, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 5,2 Ah, 18 V, Einhell, Černá, Červená; Úvodní popis; Einhell 4511437. Typ produktu: Baterie, Typ baterie: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Kapacita baterie: 5,2 Ah; Popis; Power X-Change: Batteries Swap …
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Einhell 4511437, Baterie, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 5,2 Ah, 18 V, Einhell, Černá, Červená

Úvodní popis
Einhell 4511437. Typ produktu: Baterie, Typ baterie: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Kapacita baterie: 5,2 Ah

Power X-Change: Batteries Swap Partners

Power X-Change is the new rechargeable battery system from Einhell. It is designed for multifunctionality and interoperability, and it saves you money. So what exactly is it? With this advanced technology, you can use 18V rechargeable batteries with five different capacity ratings to power more than 20 different tools.

These rechargeable batteries are state-of-the-art, and they pack plenty of power. You can also buy just the bare tools without a battery and charger. You don't need to buy a new charger and battery every time you purchase a tool. You save money and protect the environment.

Most people have a drawer full of different chargers for cell phones, cordless drills, tablets, notebooks, etc. It is madness to waste so much of the earth's resources this way, and with so many chargers plugged in it is sometimes difficult to find a free socket outlet. Depending on the application, you can use batteries with capacities between 1.5 Ah and 5.2 Ah in combination.

The advantages of cordless technology are obvious. Once you start using these products, you wonder why you ever put up with long tangled cables. For high-power equipment such as cordless lawn mowers, you can use two batteries together to generate 36V output.

You don't need to buy expensive 36V rechargeable batteries that are only compatible with a particular product. You can use the same batteries in the mower that you use for your cordless screwdriver, universal saw or grass trimmer. Although cordless tools are battery powered, they deliver the same performance as mains-powered tools, and that is crucial.

Performance obviously depends on the quality of the battery cells and the charger technology. Only top-quality lithium-ion cells made by brand-name manufacturers are used for Power X-Change series products. The cells are monitored individually during the charging sequence under microprocessor control to ensure an optimal charge. The integrated LEDs indicate the charge status prior to and during use. This avoids unpleasant surprises resulting from batteries that are only half charged. Also, lithium-ion batteries are not susceptible to self-discharge and the well-known memory effect.

The batteries are protected from overload during operation. This significantly extends the time between charging and the life of the batteries. After all, it is our corporate vision to develop environmentally friendly products. A rubberized exterior and rugged case protect the batteries from impact and shock, making them suitable for rough conditions.

So exactly what does all of this mean when you use the tools?

The Power X-Change system out in the garden

It is a nice day, so you decide to go outside and mow the lawn. You insert two 18V rechargeable batteries into the mower and get right to work. When you have finished, the lawn looks great except around the edges and up against the wall of the house, so you remove one of the batteries from the mower and insert it into the Einhell grass trimmer. When you are done with that, you have a quick look around. The hedge looks nice, but you notice that there has been a lot of new growth in recent weeks. One click, and the battery is in the cordless hedge trimmer. You quickly cut away the protruding growth. Because all of the tools run on rechargeable batteries, they are much quieter than conventional equipment. However best of all, there is no annoying mains cable trailing behind you and no risk of accidently cutting the cable or you or someone else tripping over it.

When you have finished trimming the hedge, you get out the leaf blower. Letting forced air do the work, you gather up the clippings into a nice neat pile and take them to the compost heap. One thing leads to another, so you decide to clear away the pathway at the entrance to the house. Without having to roll up the cable and find another socket outlet, you go around to the front of the house and do a quick clean up. Yes, taking care of the garden can be as easy as that.

The Power X-Change system for woodworking

You use the cordless jigsaw to cut seven boards to the right length. The bright LED and the blower give you a clear view of your marked lines so you get a perfect cut. You then take the battery out and put it into your cordless screwdriver. On one of the seven boards, you make a large centered hole in the upper third using the cordless screwdriver and a Forstner bit. Running on 18V, the cordless screwdriver easily drives the large bit. You continue working with the same battery in the multi sander. You sand the edges and faces of the boards until they are nice and smooth. The dust container on the sander collects the dust, keeping the workplace neat and tidy. You then put the battery back into the cordless screwdriver to screw the boards together. Because you have selected the right torque setting, the screws are tightened until they are flush with the surface of the boards. Next you cut a roof batten to the length you need with a multi saw using the same battery. The multi saw is lightweight, making it easy to handle, and you get a good cut. You then sink the roof batten about a half metre into the ground at the edge of the bed. After doing that, you mount the seven boards, which you have screwed together, on top of the roof batten using brackets and screws, and presto – your bird house is finished.

All of the work is done outside the house without the need for socket outlets and cable drums. You also spend less time putting things away again. You only need to gather up your tools. There are no cables to untangle and roll up. If necessary, the final step is to insert the battery into the leaf blower to clear away any remaining sawdust. Voila!

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