Devolo DLAN PRO 500 Wireless Starter sada (9251)

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Devolo DLAN PRO 500 Wireless Starter sada (9251)
  • Devolo DLAN PRO 500 Wireless Starter sada (9251)
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Part No.9251
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Popis produktu:

The greatest Wi-Fi performance for your company.

dLAN pro 500 Wireless+ Starter Kit

The dLAN pro 500 Wireless+ can provide Internet into any room.
Even more freedom for smartphone, tablet and laptop users thanks to full Wi-Fi reception.
The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet in the room goes to waste.
Equipped with 3 Fast Ethernet LAN connections, you also have the ability to connect additional devices to the Internet at any time.
The dLAN pro 500 Wireless+ from devolo is the most advanced Internet connection for any company. Simply unpack it, plug it in any power outlet and communicate wirelessly. The dLAN pro 500 Wireless+ thus uses the internal building power line like a long Internet cable. And you have an optimal Internet connection in no time. Thanks to integrated Wireless LAN and three additional Fast Ethernet LAN connections, your printers, computers, televisions and many additional terminal devices are easily connected to each other - always with the best signal reception. And, with the dLAN AVpro manager software, you always have access to the entire system, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits at a glance:

Your professional network from the power outlet. Unpack. Plug it in. Get started. The easy way to connect, using your house-internal power line. Turn any power outlet you want into an Internet access point.
The power outlet is the new Wi-Fi access point. And you decide where you need it.
Uninterrupted, full-strength Wi-Fi! Finally, maximum Wi-Fi reception. Anywhere.
High-speed data transmission at speeds of up to 500 Mbps and three Fast Ethernet connections for connecting additional terminal devices.
The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet in the room goes to waste.
The best Wi-Fi connection for smartphones, laptops and tablets.
Automatic phase shift: This is how the Internet gets to each room and becomes your company network.
Expand your network at any time and integrate additional devices into your office network. It‘s easy with an additional dLAN PROFESSIONAL adapter.
Finally you can use everything: Use your printer, hard drives and server together. Access business-related data, such as documents, presentations, photos or other applications. Stream in the highest quality - live online conferences or HD videos, for example.
Separation of user groups and granular access control via VLAN.
Automatic encryption! Active protection from unauthorised access at the touch of a button for WiFi (WPS) and dLAN (AES). From the very start.
Professional WLAN security management with support for WPA, WPA2 and WPA2 Enterprise.
The exclusive PowerSave technology from devolo provides minimum energy consumption that is continuous, intelligent and entirely automatic.
Including dLAN AVpro manager for network monitoring via PC. With comprehensive configuration options. (Windows, Linux).
Alternatives: professional remote management of your own network and customer networks using the dLAN AVpro manager software with comprehensive configuration options (notching, output power, option to shut off LEDs, etc.).
Easy remote maintenance of the office‘s internal network and customer networks.
Compatible with all adapters in the dLAN PROFESSIONAL product series.

Supported Network Protocols
IEEE 802.3 10-BASE-T, Ethernet:Yes
IEEE 802.3u 100-BASE-TX, Fast Ethernet:Yes
IEEE 802.3ab 1000-BASE-T, Gigabit Ethernet:Yes
Type:Powerline Ethernet / WLAN Adapter
Number of Adapter:2
Max. Transfer Rate dLAN (Mbit/s):500
Max. Transfer Rate LAN (Mbit/s):100
Max. Transfer Rate WLAN (Mbit/s):300
WLAN Standard:IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Dimensions (mm):152 x 76 x 40
Compatible Operating Systems
Windows Vista:32 / 64 Bit
Windows XP:32 Bit
Windows 7:32 / 64 Bit
Windows 8:32 / 64 Bit




Produkt manažer:

Martin Růžička, 499 599 802,





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