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Casio FX-9860GIISD

AB Kód: 428991
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Záruka: 24 měsíců (IČO: 12 měsíců)
Graph functions: Cartesian coordinates system; Inequalities graph and applications; X=constant graph; Graphs of parametric functions; Functions in polar coordinates; >20 graph memory; Graph titling; Values table; Recurrence graph; -…
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Graph functions: Cartesian coordinates system Inequalities graph and applications X=constant graph Graphs of parametric functions Functions in polar coordinates >20 graph memory Graph titling Values table Recurrence graph

  • Recurrence parameter
  • Web Plot

Graphs of conic section functions and relevant applications Dynamic graphs View Window: X-dot parameter Zoom/Trace functions

  • Starting position: centred
  • Trace direct input

4 different display types for X-values G-solve (graphing calculation)

  • Zeroes
  • Points of intersection
  • Local minima and maxima
  • Slopes
  • Specific integrals
  • X and Y value calculation

Display of

  • Tangents
  • Normal and
  • Inverse functions of a graph

Divided display

  • Graph and graph
  • Graph and values table
  • Graph of a values table
  • Graph and values table interactively linked

Mathematical basic functions: Fraction decimal fraction conversion Solve (interactive) First and second derivative (numerical) Integration (numerical) Max/Min Complex functions Matrices calculation

  • Maximum size of the matrix 255 × 255
  • Number of matrices: 27
  • Calculating the determinant
  • Calculating the inverse matrix

Linear equations (max 6 unknowns)

  • Zero point calculation of polynomials
  • Solving linear equations systems
  • Equation solver

Polynomial equations (max. third degree) Calculations on the basis of n Statistics: Statistical calculations:

  • Average value, median, total
  • Distributions
  • Regression coefficient

Statistical graphs:

  • List-based statistics
  • Histogram
  • Box plot
  • Modified box plot
    • Distribution curve
  • Scatter plot /xy-line
  • Med-med line
  • Linear/quadra­tic/cubic/quar­tial regression
  • Exponentional/lo­garithmic/power regression
  • Trigonometric regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Copy function of the regression equation
  • Trace the tracking function


  • Maximum size of the matrix: 999
  • Number of lists: 26 lists, 6 files
  • Lists with complex numbers
  • List titling

Scientific: Scientific applications with physical constants (ADD-in) Calculations with scientific numerical notation Financial mathematics Geometry (preloaded) Spreadsheet eActivity Periodic table: Applications with the periodic table (ADD-in) Physium Programming function: additional specifications History unlimited 255 Bytes Function catalogue Clipboard 7 system languages supported Add-in software system Memory location

  • Program
  • Backup


  • Calculator to calculator (3pin-3pin)
  • Calculator computer (USB)
  • Add-in communication
  • OS upgrade
  • computer-link software

Screenshot creation Direct communication unit (calculator OHP calculator) Econ2 (preloaded) CASIO logo appears when the calculator is turned off

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