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Adler AD 7909

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Adler AD 7909 (AD 7909) …
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Adler *Air conditioner 7000BTU AD 790, A, 780 W, Bílá, 413 mm, 320 mm, 732 mm

Úvodní popis
Adler *Air conditioner 7000BTU AD 790. Třída energetické účinnosti (chlazení): A, Příkon (chlazení): 780 W. Barva: Bílá. Šířka: 413 mm, Hloubka: 320 mm, Výška: 732 mm

Adler AD 7909 Air conditioner 7000 BTU

The AD7909 air conditioner has not only fan and cooling functions but also with the drying function (the capacity of 24l per day), what makes it a very useful device for every season of the year. For users convenience, the air conditioner is equipped with a remote control and with a timer that enables it to be switched on and off automatically at given times. The air conditioner can successfully operate in various kinds of spaces: housing, commercial, exhibition or storage ones. Due to the fact that it is very efficient considering the energy it consumes (energy class A), it can be switched on for quite long periods of time without causing high energy bills. It allows you to benefit from (depending on your current needs): pleasant wind, energizing cool air or lesser humidity – each and every day.


If you need a device that will cool, provide air flow in your office or apartment, you do not have to look any further! The air conditioner ADLER AD 7909 is a convenient and functional solution! Thanks to multitasking, it is a product that you can use throughout the whole year! One air conditioner will respond to the needs of the whole family and at the same time will not take up much space. In today's climate, which is more and more unpredictable, sudden temperature changes are becoming normal. In the winter, want to provide fresh air, in the summer we look for coolness and breezes. Now all you need is to choose our product and you will enjoy all these at your place!

Great performance in a small size

The range of temperature from 16 to 31 degrees deserves particular attention. Thanks to this, you can quickly set your dream temperature in the bedroom, living room or office. Cooling capacity measured in BTU is 7000, and watts 2050. Such power guarantees that just after a few minutes you will feel the temperature change in the room. What is more, the cooling area is about 20 square meters – no living room can be safe! In addition, the small size and stylish design will not be an obstacle to store the device in view. The air conditioner's noise does not exceed 65dB, so you can even put it in your child's bedroom without worrying about disturbing his peaceful sleep. The important thing is that our product will also work in rooms that require air drying (air flow 360m / hour, drying 24L / day).

Convenience and multitasking go hand in hand

It would seem that such varied tasks (cooling, air drying) will require complicated solutions. Nothing more wrong! The energy class A and built-in timer (up to 24 hours) save energy when you do not need to use the device. The display allows convenient control of the air conditioner operation. Two fan speed settings make it easier to choose the right speed. The remote control provides convenience and easy supervision of the device from almost anywhere in the apartment. Comfortable handles on the sides and small wheels at the bottom make it easy to set up and move the air conditioner without any effort or destroying the surface of the floor.

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